Is Yoga Meditation an illogical conclusion of Staying still And Sitting?

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Meditation has always been a logical challenge for the Conditioned Mind.  We can never imagine a three-year-old to sit still and contemplate, or as adults even think of luring a material mind into a profit just by doing nothing.  The illogical nature of Meditation often poses a serious rational challenge to many who are willing to take the plunge and explore the unknown.  Much has been said and experiences have been published by marketing promotions on this practice, that we now call Meditation.

Often as confusing as it seems, it does pose a difficult question on why people would want to pursue this. Has it not been here before, if yes, why now?

Is it because society is now beginning to feel enslaved that it is rediscovering the root of its own unknown? Or perhaps we tried everything and failed, and here comes the wonder pill.

The Reality of Meditation:

If one is searching for an objective reality and rationalized approach of understanding then meditation is just simply not the approach. It is the place beyond what lies yonder and yet right here and now. Complicated as it may sound, it is a relative reality that is on the threshold of the unknown side of the mind. Just like the dark side of the moon, it has always been there but no one's seen it. If one would like to know this unknown side and open to relative reality where the possibilities are infinite.  Only then the practice of meditation makes sense.

Meditation Technique: The First Principle.

Amongst many techniques, the first principle has been always the "stilling of the mind".  How can one stop the chatter of voices in the head, when he identifies himself with the mind?  The best way is as Sri Ramana Maharishi  says is to change the vantage. 

Drop the false identity of the mind, and take the mind and body in a separate plane. Then what remains is the Absolute reality. Observe the mind and the objective reality and one will be able to understand the relativity of his existence and the causal mode of life.

Perhaps Einstein did take a hint from this to postulate his theories. The real formless self is waiting to be found.  Jesus also teaches to seek God with all your heart and mind and God will seek you. It is just a different way of seeking and finding the unknown and rediscovering oneself as a part of the whole.

Is Sitting and doing Nothing, actually doing Something?

Weird isn't t?  Let's find out.

Sitting is recommended as it offers a relaxed posture between sleep and wakefulness. It does give the mind a signal to calm its penchant for worry and pursuit of knowledge. In this state, one can then relieve oneself from the mind/body viewpoint and perch himself on the vantage of observation.  In this sense, the mind is actually doing nothing but the real self is drawing the essence and wisdom for the deep unknown by just being there without any effort or control.

  1. In the practice of Meditation one is actually doing a lot of things simultaneously.
  2. Observing the mind and slowing it down
  3. Dumping the conditioned mind based knowledge and seeking real wisdom.
  4.  Mindfulness in knowing the true self.
  5.  Discovering existence.
  6.  Going home where one has always been.
  7.  Reliving the joy of fulfillment in his destiny in the current expression of the body.

And much more.

In Zen, if one is not able to relate to life's spontaneity and bliss it is often joked about saying

You have been Sitting here for so long and still not found it

So much so, in the practice of Zen, meditation is a granted pre-condition in the pursuit of self-discovery.

Meditation and Children

pexels-photo-160191A child may not have to sit to find out. He is already in that state of unconditioned mind until we as adults put in the conditioning of what we call "the real world". 

Sadhguru says paraphrased

Until We Teach The Child What Didn't Work For Us. He/She Is Absolutely Fine.

  Jesus also mentions

Truly I Tell You, Unless You Change And Become Like Little Children, You Will Never Enter The Kingdom Of Heaven

 Both references as ironical as they seem, seem to be pointing towards the same "Truth".

Meditation is a naturally unnatural practice, that can help in siphoning  Divine Wisdom rather than relying on known knowledge and principles of the objective world. It does help understand how the illogical the condition of mind can change the course of a deceitful position on reality into the "Veritas Of Truth"

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