Life Is When You Live It

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Life is not something that can be given or taken. It has to be felt the way it should be.  It is not enough to say that breath and a beating heart is life.

If you begin to accept your state and situation and not think about next thing happening, then that is the reality of Life.  Well,  a beating heart ensures that life is sustained, but what works is the realization of life itself.  It's being "in it" that gives "oneship" with it. If you are "out of it" then you are nothing but flesh.  It's not how much time we spend in contemplation but how much the contemplation has taught us.

Life looks for ways in this body to live in oneness with life.  The very purpose of God to use the flesh is to live life and be able to see and feel the way life feels and finds itself.  The life of a man is a mirror to what we call God. It is in that, that God is able to see. If you want to see God then you have to know life and when you know it, you will able to find God staring right down at you. That is the purpose most of us fail to comprehend. It really doesn’t care about your opinions and doctrines or how much Church you do but only cares about the truth of life.

5 simple feelings that let you know that you are actually living.

  • If you are joyful without reason
  • If you feel grateful for the sun, and nature around.
  • If you feel happy that you have a body today that helps you breathe
  • If  you thankful for seeing others as yourself trying to express themselves
  • If you are so very thankful for the wrong things and you are able to make sense why they happened to you.

A man who hasn’t found himself is worst than an animal that actually loves life and lives it.

Go explore, contemplate, and apply your learnings every day in your life, most of all enjoy this wonderful opportunity.


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