What is The Minds Role in Engaging with Spiritual Power?

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The mind does not take its initial step to cross over the fearfulness of the unknown because it believes it is in charge and does not comprehend the unknown as reality.  It relies on the physical projection of images and labels to understand its position as an independent entity. The reality of an absolute "Spirit" or the "Real Self" always remains a mystery to it.  It vibrates within a frequency of "The Known" doctrine and beliefs handed over by generations before.

It's only when the mind questions these established doctrines it becomes a starting point to self-inquiry.  When there is this immense need to validate these traditions and meanings behind these doctrines then the path arises to enquire. It’s not just to enquire but to have an insatiable desire to enquire and self-attest the practice of these norms. So much to say it has to get to the new normal post inquiry.

What is evident in the pursuit of self-inquiry is that there lies a space yonder that is beyond the reach of the mind

A dark space where everything begins and ends. The very space that is home to all. That very space that is all pervasive and all-inclusive. That which contains and excludes all known and unknown, things of the mind.

So, then at this the point of enormity, the mind comes to the conclusion that it's beyond its reach and its fundamental function to be able to know, assimilate and relate to the current reality, it submits to the grace of that space.

It accepts and realizes the insanity of its pursuit of perfection. It then comes to submission and ceases to believe that it is in control when everything that is in control works according to a grand design and process.

It feels inadequate to even think that it can make a difference on its own. It will rise to a high note in wisdom and accepts its new low in knowledge.

It takes on a reverse route ceasing to think first in known knowledge but waits on wisdom from the space and then converts the wisdom to knowledge in the practical world.

When the mind is subject to the space of the supreme spirit, it doesn’t process information into knowledge but reflects the wisdom. 

There is no resistance to think and process but just reflects the "as is", serving as a mirror into the spirit always. Man would get the glimpses of this supreme power residing inside when he is able to see, witness and reflect the awesomeness of the divine unknown.  

In Latin, Rudolf Otto calls this mysterious feeling as "Mysterium Tremendrum et Magnificans", then experienced by early Mystic Christian saints. Mary Magdalene in the lesser known esoteric accounts describes Jesus as both magnificent and fearful.  Fearful in the sense of the unknown awesomeness.

Spiritual power effects or otherwise miracles are the outcomes from such individuals who have a zero friction to mind with total emptiness.  This access and demonstration of power are meant for a greater cause, in the purchase and acceptance of the ignorant.

Shirdi Sai Baba said (paraphrased) “I would be happy if one does not look at the hand that is doing the miracles but the spirit inside the man that is doing it”.  It’s a way to show that access to the unknown, that which cannot be proved by science or any known methods to the mind, can be possessed by anyone with a still and empty mind.

"ye can do greater miracles than me"


The mind is the greatest tool that can be used to shine the glory within. A proven tool that has been, effectively demonstrated by Saints, Prophets, and Avatars.

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