Spiritual Selfie

Spiritual Selfie

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If I am permitted to use the word “compassion” apart from its natural derivation of the meaning. It is an extended passion with a sincere commitment to achieve a level of satisfaction far greater than oneself. It is to be able to see yourself in the other, devoid of self. This the content of the emotion of Passion, so deeply rooted with the fundamental fact of supreme joy.

Compassion is not an emotional soufflé. Most Religions and philosophies classify this as a virtue with an altruistic tendency but it is a strong emotion stemmed out of passion with a spine to other yourself. It is a flow of energy into another being and to be able to enjoy looking at it.

You could water a plant and watch it grow with compassion. You are not worried if it is going to bear fruit or not. It just gives you feeling that you made your cause of joy seeing your humaness grow in that little plant. You raise children and watch them grow with your provision and feel happy that you played the part of a caretaker for them. Feeding a hungry person identifies with your hunger and you feel elated by the fact that he enjoyed his meal well.

This can go on in the practical sense of sex as well. The partner’s orgasm is more important to you than yours.

Etymologically the roots are from Co- Passion or co suffering.  Real compassion knows no suffering, you don’t compromise emotional suffering with others. At least you do not want to see that in any person.

The intrinsic meaning is described in the Bhagawadgita as Sattvika, Rajasika and Tamasika gunas. Most Sattvika people are compassionate and do not look back on what they issued to the other, be it a dog, cat or any animal or a Human Being.

Zen Masters teach compassion as being a mirror to oneself, as being able to see yourself in the other. Any woman can immediately vouch for that.

Jesus had Compassion to the level of suffering for a cause, His suffering was pain for the body but devoid of emotional pain. The joy of his purpose for the redemption of others was far greater than the physical pain that he was put through. But then again that was his choice of compassion.

Mother Teresa basically needed love and affection. So she gave and cared for people and saw the glint in their eyes. This was her compassion.

If we examine the point as to why do we feel the need to see ourselves outside us. The answer could be that we cannot bite our own teeth, not can we lift ourselves with our own bootstraps.  So perhaps Yes, Compassion is a virtue definitely, with the joy of being able to project your glory into the other being. I guess this is the “real love”. Even the supernatural power what we call God is probably compassionate to see himself in us.

The Truth about Faith

The Truth about Faith

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The rational mind does not favor to contain the emotion of Faith. Faith in its own terms though defined in Hebrews 11.1 as an integral part of our system of emotions, does not quite occupy prominence as a matter of choice. The mind is all set thinking of the “what if” even before the thought is put into action. Faith does not scale up as an option due to mixed results, some good some bad, and some, simply take a very long time. The reality, therefore, is that these results are directly proportional to the amount of faith that one is able to hold up to during a particular situation.

“Faith a size of a mustard seed can move mountains”, we heard of that one before many times. A powerful statement, according to the scriptures, but does it really work anymore? Are we obsessed into moving mountains?

No, not really, at least that is not our primary job. If faith can manifest money and bring in abundance “Yes”, we can consider trying it. We have nothing to lose except to get back to staying poor. The answer is “Yes”, but the ground rules are not the way how we would want to play.

The simple system of universal reality is difficult for most of us and appears complex to comprehend. While there is the truth, in being able to manifest abundance, sadly the way of God is not the way we would like to listen.

This is almost a no faith situation, though most of us think we have some, it does not quite qualify. The colossal lack of faith in our generation has been the result of an erred thought.

This thought bred a belief system into what we say as the progeny of a damned race of Adam, doomed to perjury because of the primary sin. Some go on to say that Eve fornicated with Samael the serpent as well, and we could be the offspring of that union. In normal Christian terms, it is that Adam was banished and so are all those who are born out of him. Unless of course redeemed and absolved of it by performing sacrifices.

More than half of the world thinks that their faith is superior to others and more than half feel that they are born sinners, doomed on this planet. 

The Church has institutionalized Guilt as a Virtue

-Alan Watts-

This guilt based Faith is what we suffer from currently.  This glorified guilt, forced submissiveness, inadequacy, and drudgery of the soul and spirit. It is the fear that you will suffer more if you do not fear God. The Father did not create us to watch us sin and have fun at some lowly beings gone bad, rummaging in rubbish. He does not want to punish us for our mistakes, the same way as we do not persecute and judge our children for their mistakes. Jesus explained this in the parable “of the lost son”.

The first thing that we should do is to employ ourselves to unlearn the fact that we are born sinners. We are the children of Light just as intended by God in all likeness to him. The spirit deep down in us is divine and is a part of God.

The spirit deep down in us is divine and is a part of God

Just as Adam, Jesus, and list of other prophets.  The built in free will that is devoid of guilt would encompass us to believe in the protection and provision of God only if we know that we are of this kinship.

This spirit begotten of the Father is all pure and cannot be made impure by sin, but of the erred thought. The thought that you are evil and born sinners. We have to declassify this thought with the original thought so pristine into the inheritance through his son-ship. The Holy Spirit within us is designed to take control and administer action the way that you want it to be, according to the grace. The way of the will, or to perform  Dharma yoga. I spoke about this in my blog “Dictating Your Circumstance”.

Upanishads and Bhaghwat Gita explain the self as “Atman” and the God as “Paratman” the Supreme Being. The “Atman” begotten of the “Paratman”, the “ALL” that is. This identification is a simple truth to the faith, we don’t have a boss but an ever loving father ready to help, cajole, encourage, give, forgive, protect and unlock the abundance that he created alongside us.